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Of course, we know how daunting it is to make a decision, so here are some of the more common questions we get asked, together with the answers.

What are the different types of security system that you install?

Wired Burglar Alarm
You could either choose wireless burglar alarm or a wired system depending on specific requirements. There are quite a few benefits and shortcomings in both these forms of alarms and it is therefore important to have some basic information on the same. The wired alarm system is the conventional form of alarm system. It usually comes with a control panel which is wired into the main power supply source of the home. The user controls of these wired systems are built either on the control panel or there could be a separate remote controlled device to activate it. It will also require separate controlling mechanisms in the form of keypad for passing instructions to and from the control panel.

Wireless Alarms
The wireless burglar alarms are growing in popularity because of some obvious advantages over the conventional wires alarms. Of the many advantages associated with this alarm system, ease of installation and operation is something that makes them so very much sought after. The wiry mess associated with the conventional alarm systems can be avoided. They also work with the help of a control panel which should be connected to the main power supply with the help of a wire. Though battery operated wireless burglar alarms are available they should be avoided because they have very little durability and longevity. While a keypad is required for these types of burglar alarm systems, it is not connected to and from the main control by wires. Instead it is operated by sensors which have no wiring systems. This makes is possible to increase the efficiency and ease of operations.

Bells-Only Burglar System
Bells only burglar alarm systems are also quite commonly used. They are also called as audible alarms. When they are triggered they make a loud noise which will in most cases alert the people who are in the homes or in the places where they are installed. However, it will not work as a monitored alarm system. It will not be able to alert the police station or the person who wants to be alerted.

The area in which you live in will have a big role to play in deciding whether you go in for bell only system or not. It will work better in areas that are crowded where any such alarm trigger will activate the neighbors or the other persons in the area.

How do your alarm systems work?
Before buying these burglar alarms it is very important for you to understand how they work. They usually work in two situations and it would be interesting to know more about the same over the next few lines.
There are systems which get activated when some unusual action is detected. This type of system works by tripping when any unusual action is noticed. This sets off an alarm which can either drive away the intruder or allow the inmates to take action to pin down the intruder.

On the other hand there is another system which works by breaking the circuit.This again gets activated when someone physically breaks the circuit by either setting their foot or hand into it or through some other action.
Both the systems have their own advantages and the onus should be left to the customer to choose the one that meets his specific requirements.

What are the components of your alarm systems?

Now let us have a look at the key components that help in complete the entire burglar systems and make it ready for use.

· Magnetic switch –these are perhaps the most common devices that are used to activate a burglar alarm system. They have two important parts, i.e. the contact switch and an activated magnet. The latter is usually mounted on the door. When the door is closed the magnet remains in a non-active mode. But the moment somebody tries to open it, they get into an active mode. They are tried and tested method of securing homes and other premises from burglars and other unwanted intruders.
· Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) – PIRs work because of a very sophisticated infrared technology in play. They work because of changes in energy or infrared levels that could be caused by any intruders or unwanted visitors. They are referred to as PIRs because they do not transmit any form of energy. However, when a person moves around and the body temperature is picked up the PIR device, it helps to send a signal back to the main device. This in turn results in the Passive Infrared Sensors getting activated which sets off the alarm system.
· Ultrasonic detectors – These detectors are again very sophisticated as far as use of technology is concerned. They have a number of applications and very commonly used in modern day burglar systems. They work on radio waves and sound waves to activate alarm systems. They are also referred to as transreceivers because they perform the job of sending and receiving sound signals. They come in various frequencies ranging from 23 to 40 kHZ. The sound waves work depending on the movement that occurs in the protected area. Should there be a change in the movement in the protected area, there will be a change in the sound frequency. This activates the alarm system and prevents any damage being done to the protected area.
· Photo electric beams are also considered very effective in protecting a specific area from unwanted intruders. They work by transmitting infrared or visible beams across a specific area, whenever is an intruder or unusual activity. The beams are increased in strength by increasing the number of beams to two or even more.
While it is quite useful, if the intruder is aware of the technology being used, it might not work and he can bypass this device. It is useful only for short distance monitoring and may prove to be not very useful when long range monitoring of movements are to be monitored.
· Glass Break Beams – These devices are very useful whenever there is a need to protect a building depending on its internal perimeters. Whenever glass breakage happens these devices produce shock frequencies. They help in generating a shock frequency that is good enough to raise an alarm. The vibration that is generated by the glass break will have a role to play in the alarm systems being activated.
· Vibration Detectors are another common devices used to secure high risk zones. These are mounted on barriers. Whenever an attack on the barrier happens a mechanical configuration gets activated. The instability that is caused by the attack on the barrier results in the stoppage of the current flow. This in turn sets off the alarm system. They are available in different models and can be sensitive to different levels and types of vibration to the main structure or barrier.
· The Automatic Telephone Dialer is another commonly used safety device. It has the ability to auto dial specific numbers without manual intervention. When it is in active mode, it starts dialing the numbers fed into it in sequential order. The recorded message is also uploaded to each of these dialed numbers. The best thing about this device is that it does not require a dedicated telephone line. It can be used with the help of a built in electronic chip or a cassette can also be used for recording the message.
· Panic Alarms – These are basically manually activated devices which can be put to use whenever there is an emergency. They can either be used to activate loud alarms or even silent alarms. When using this device, care should be taken that the intruders are not warned in advance. You can also choose the option of linking this device to an ATR or automatic telephone dialer. When this is done, it helps send a recorded message to the chosen number or numbers.
· Security or automatic lights are another useful device which can help in securing premises from unwanted intruders. They work by switching on the lights whenever there is an unwanted intrusion in the protected area. They work on a technology called PIR or photosensitive sensors. These PIRs can easily be connected to security lights. When the lights get switched on, it could send a message that his presence has been identified by the inmates in the premises.
· Smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors are not exactly burglar alarms in the true sense of the term. They are very useful for preventing fire and the emission of harmful and potential dangerous gaseous substances. These devices work with the help of very sensitive sensors which pick up even the slightest movement of smoke, fire and poisonous gases like carbon monoxide.They set off an alarm in the central monitoring area.

Control Panels

The central control panels are considered the brain as far as these burglar alarm and smoke alarm systems are concerned. They come in different types and could have hooters or sirens when a particular extraordinary event occurs. They can work with the help of conventional sensors or come with unique and special detecting sensors for complex and difficult jobs such as auto dialing, sending pre-recorded message and also giving details about the place, time and location where the intrusion or abnormal activity has taken place.

Arming And Disarming System
It is also important to have some understanding of the basic difference between arming and disarming a burglar alarm system. In plain and simple works, while arming is about activating the system, disarming is deactivating or switching off the alarm system. It can be activated or turned off by the mere pressing of a switch or by choosing the right keyword activation instructions. In advanced systems it can be done with the help of Radio Frequency remote control systems.
Power Backup
It is important to ensure that all burglar alarms and other integrated systems have a sufficient of backup power in case they need to be operated on batteries. Even there is a small disruption in the main source of power, the backup power systems should be able to take charge immediately so that real time protection is not hampered under any circumstances.
It also makes sense to understand the term ‘zones’ which is very commonly used in burglar alarm terminology. It is nothing but the area or the total number of sensors that are required to protect an area. They are basically classified into four, i.e. Zone 1 to Zone 4. The first zone is about the delay aspect. It usually refers to the doors where more of the entrance and exiting takes place.

Zone 2 is about instant perimeter which would include other things apart from doors.The master bedroom or the backroom doors are simple examples of these instant perimeters. Zone 3 and 4 deal with the interiors of the area that need to be protected.

Monitoring Burglar Alarm Systems
You need to take into account three areas if you wish to have your burglar alarms monitored. They are a speech dialer, a police contract or a keyholder contract. Each one has its own advantages and benefits and they also come with different types of charges, monthly and one-time.

How Do I Choose The Right Home Security Systems in Worthing Installer ?

Whenever one decides to go in for a suitable alarm installer, they should keep in mind that the alarm system confers with the stringent stipulations laid down by the various statutory monitoring and standards authorities. There are some reputed inspection and approval authorities in UK whose standards have to be met. There are also some approved British standards that have to also be taken into account.
Last but not the least, when going for a foolproof alarm system the following points should be taken into account.
· Window Security:It is important to ensure that the windows are fully secured because this is a common area through which burglars and robbers try to break in.
· Door Security –This is perhaps the crux as far as a good and foolproof security system is concerned. One has to ensure that the doors are fully secured with the right kind of alarm system that is proven and totally foolproof.
· Having the right security lights which will get activated when some untoward happens is also very important. This calls for a clear understanding of the protection area and the type of lighting systems that should be used.
· If you have a garden, then it all the more important to have adequate protection to it because this is the most common area where burglars and other criminals hide before and after the happening of an event.
· Last but not the least, choosing the right CCTV camera location is of paramount importance because they could help in real time monitoring of the entire protected area. They can also help in sending messages or calls should something untoward be taking place.

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