Key Alarm Components (continued)

  • Glass Break Beams These devices are very useful whenever there is a need to protect a building depending on its internal perimeters. Whenever glass breakage happens these devices produce shock frequencies. They help in generating a shock frequency that is good enough to raise an alarm. The vibration that is generated by the glass break will have a role to play in the alarm systems being activated. 

  • Vibration Detectors are another common devices used to secure high risk zones. These are mounted on barriers. Whenever an attack on the barrier happens a mechanical configuration gets activated. The instability that is caused by the attack on the barrier results in the stoppage of the current flow. This in turn sets off the alarm system. They are available in different models and can be sensitive to different levels and types of vibration to the main structure or barrier. 

  • The Automatic Telephone Dialer is another commonly used safety device. It has the ability to auto dial specific numbers without manual intervention. When it is in active mode, it starts dialing the numbers fed into it in sequential order. The recorded message is also uploaded to each of these dialed numbers. The best thing about this device is that it does not require a dedicated telephone line. It can be used with the help of a built in electronic chip or a cassette can also be used for recording the message. 

  • Panic Alarms These are basically manually activated devices which can be put to use whenever there is an emergency. They can either be used to activate loud alarms or even silent alarms. When using this device, care should be taken that the intruders are not warned in advance. You can also choose the option of linking this device to an ATR or automatic telephone dialer. When this is done, it helps send a recorded message to the chosen number or numbers. 

  • Security or automatic lights are another useful device which can help in securing premises from unwanted intruders. They work by switching on the lights whenever there is an unwanted intrusion in the protected area. They work on a technology called PIR or photosensitive sensors. These PIRs can easily be connected to security lights. When the lights get switched on, it could send a message that his presence has been identified by the inmates in the premises. 

  • Smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors are not exactly burglar alarms in the true sense of the term. They are very useful for preventing fire and the emission of harmful and potential dangerous gaseous substances. These devices work with the help of very sensitive sensors which pick up even the slightest movement of smoke, fire and poisonous gases like carbon monoxide. They set off an alarm in the central monitoring area.


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