Types Of Burglar Alarms

Wired Burglar Alarm

You could either choose wireless burglar alarm or wired burglar system depending on specific requirements. There are quite a few benefits and shortcomings in both these forms of alarms and it is therefore important to have some basic information on the same. The wired alarm system is the conventional form of alarm system. It usually comes with a control panel which is wired into the main power supply source of the home. The user controls of these wired systems are built either on the control panel or there could be a separate remote controlled device to activate it. It will also require separate controlling mechanisms in the form of keypad for passing instructions to and from the control panel. 

Wireless Burglar Alarm

The wireless burglar alarms are growing in popularity because of some obvious advantages over the conventional wires alarms. Of the many advantages associated with this alarm system, ease of installation and operation is something that makes them so very much sought after. The wiry mess associated with the conventional alarm systems can be avoided. They also work with the help of a control panel which should be connected to the main power supply with the help of a wire. Though battery operated wireless burglar alarms are available they should be avoided because they have very little durability and longevity. While a keypad is required for these types of burglar alarm systems, it is not connected to and from the main control by wires. Instead it is operated by sensors which have no wiring systems. This makes is possible to increase the efficiency and ease of operations. 

Bells-Only Burglar System

Bells only burglar alarm systems are also quite commonly used. They are also called as audible alarms. When they are triggered they make a loud noise which will in most cases alert the people who are in the homes or in the places where they are installed. However, it will not work as a monitored alarm system. It will not be able to alert the police station or the person who wants to be alerted. The area in which you live in will have a big role to play in deciding whether you go in for bell only system or not. It will work better in areas that are crowded where any such alarm trigger will activate the neighbors or the other persons in the area.


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